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Firebird helped you to create cool applications and grow as database professional. It's time to help Firebird to evolve. As Firebird ambassador, you can help to confirm the market share of Firebird and spread the word - just put Firebird materials on your web-site and write a few words about Firebird 2.5 Launch in your twitter, blog or company's web site.

How you can help Firebird with MindTheBird!

  1. Download MindTheBird! materials
  2. Put MindTheBird banner or Firebird presentation (embedded or downloadable) to your blog or web-site. Link banner (if any) to or
  3. Join MindTheBird! Group and put message with seeded web-site there (or send direct message with information to MindTheBird! coordinator [email protected]b).
  4. Continue to recruit your co-workers and friends to participate in MindTheBird! too. Also please mark your messages in Twitter with tag #mindthebird.

As a contributor you can help with translations of Firebird marketing materials or submitting more materials.

Please join us at Twitter, LinkedIn.

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How to join MindTheBird!

Join MindTheBird! Group at Google to paticipate in live discussions.

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Use Twitter tag #mindthebird to improve Firebird visibility: write about Firebird-based applications, companies and events.

Call for contributors

We need translators to localize marketing materials.

Also we need journalists who would like to write about Firebird 2.5 Launch.

Press contact is Dmitry Kuzmenko.