Download MindTheBird! materials

Materials include presentations, email and press-release templates, banners and other resources to promote Firebird.
You also might want to include to your website (as links or embedded objects) some presentation or materials directly from Scribd or Slideshare.

We have materials in English, Polish, Russian, Bosnian and Portuguese (Brazil). Many thanks for Polish (Grzegorz Skoczylas), Bosnian (Fikret Hasovic), Russian (Dmitry Kuzmenko) and Portuguese (Carlos Cantu), contributors. If you wish to help with translation, please join us as contributor: download and translate presentations, then send them to us.

Download Firebird 2.5

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MindTheBird! materials:
















Banners for Firebird 2.5 Launch

Put one of the banners to your page to support Firebird 2.5. You can link it to the or to or create your own site under umbrella of MindTheBird! campaign.
Flash banners is in archive here.

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Members of MindTheBird!

MindTheBird! is supported by the leading Firebird-related companies and well-known enthusiasts. Look at the list of MindTheBird! participants and join too!

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Feel free to contact MindTheBird! coordinator

Dmitry Kuzmenko
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +7 495 953-13-34